How to use the control panel

A step by step guide to using the control panel

This is for those people who have already created a page on Thumbprint City.

The control panel is where you will find everything you need to manage pages that you have created on Thumbprint City page and to use them to send and receive messages.

First Sign In then go to My Account and look for "My pages".

Screen grab: the My pages section on the My Account page

Click on one of the pages you own, and you will see your control panel like this.

Screen grab: The control panel

To get started, click on any of the links in the control panel and have a look around. Don't worry, you can't break anything or change anything that you can't change back, and you won't send out a text to anyone by accident!

Page Info

The information you put on this page is public. It is what people will see when they visit your page on the Thumbprint City site.

In the "Description" box, for example, tell people something about the group or organisation you are part of - explain who it is who has set up this page.

Receive messages

When people send a text to your page, this is where it will go first, and you can use the Receive messages tools to decide what happens to them: you can reply to the message by text, choose whether it should go on your public page straight away, or whether you want to read all messages before you publish them.

You can delete messages here, and choose to set up an automatic "thank you" reply that gets texted to anyone who sends you a message.

Send messages

This is where you can set up a text message mailing list, then add phone numbers to the list and send out text messages to groups of people. You can also see a record of all the messages that have been sent out from your page.


Editors are people who you choose to help you manage your page. They can use the control panel to do jobs like sending out messages to groups of people, but they can't do everything you can, and they can't make big permanent changes like deleting the page.


The widget is a way of showing the messages that people send to your Thumbprint City page on your own website if you have one.


If the full features of Thumbprint City are useful, get in touch with us to upgrade your page. We're looking forward to working with you, and are always happy provide help and advice about using Thumbprint City.

What does Thumbprint City Lite mean?

It is free to set up a Thumbprint City page and it always will be. You can set up as many pages as you like. It is free to use your Thumbprint City page to receive messages and it always will be. This is Thumbprint City Lite.

If you want to use your Thumbprint City page to send out messages to groups of people, along with other helpful features, there is a small yearly cost which includes 2000 text messages to send out. Organisations that can afford to pay have to pay. This allows us to keep Thumbprint City pages free for everyone.

If you would like to use the full features of Thumbprint City please get in touch with us about upgrading.

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