How much does it cost?

It is free to set up a Thumbprint City page and it always will be. You can set up as many pages as you like.

It is free to use your Thumbprint City page to receive messages and it always will be.

When people send messages to your Thumbprint City page it only costs them the same as sending a text to their friend, so if they have a package of free texts it is free. This is Thumbprint City Lite.

If you want to use your Thumbprint City page to send out messages to groups of people, reply by text to people who have sent messages to your page and to use a range of other helpful features, there is a small yearly cost. This is Thumbprint City Premium.

Organisations that can afford to pay for Thumbprint City Premium have to pay. This allows us to keep Thumbprint City Lite free for everyone.

If you would like to use Thumbprint City Premium please get in touch with us. Have a look at the Contact page or send an email to

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