How do I get started?

First you need to sign up to Thumbprint City. On the top right of every Thumbprint City page you should see this:

Screen grab: the Thumbprint City Sign Up link

People who you send messages to or who send you messages don't have to register for anything, but to create a page, you do have to Sign Up.

Click on "Sign Up" and you'll be taken to this page to fill in some details.

Screen grab: the Sign Up page

You'll need your mobile phone at this point, because we'll send you a unique code number by text to complete the process.

We use your mobile number because it means there is a very high standard of responsibility on Thumbprint City.

People who use Thumbprint City are anonymous unless they choose not to be, but they realise that their mobile number is very closely linked to who they are in real life, so there is almost never any spam or any irresponsible material - if people take part using Thumbprint City, it is because they are committed and they care.

Next you will see this

Screen grab: the Sign Up code page

Fill in the code that was texted to you and your registration is complete.

You will now be shown your My Account page.

Screen grab: the My Account page

The next step is to create a page that you can use to send and receive text messages.

If you look towards the upper right of any Thumbprint City page you will always see this:

Screen grab: the Create a page link

Click on the "Create a page" link and you can start filling in the details to create your first page.

Screen grab: the Create a page panel

You can create as many pages as you like, and delete them, it's free and it always will be, so if you want to try a practise page first that is fine.

Find a page