Sending messages

Guide to Sending Messages

Start off in My Control Panel

First you'll need to create a text message mailing list. You can create as many lists as you want.

Give your mailing list a name, only one word. Try and make it something short that describes the list, for example News (we'll explain why later!)

Next you'll need to add some mobile phone numbers to your mailing list. It's OK to cut and paste them from a document or type them in.

Once you've done that, you are ready to send out messages

That is all you need to know to get started.

To try this out, make a list called Test, add your own number and send yourself a message.

You can always remove numbers from a mailing list. Type in the number and click remove.

Next is the bit we promised to explain at the top of the page!

As well as you adding numbers to a list like this, there is a second way that people can add themselves to your list.

People can also add themselves to your list by sending a text message to your page. This method can be very useful because people can join your list when they read about it on a poster or leaflet, or in a publication.

To join a list by text message people have to send a text that is two words long, and nothing else.

If you look at your new mailing list you'll see it's actually two words long, like this example

So, if someone sends this text

they will be signed up to the mailing list called Comm News

In the same way, if people send the two word name of your list, they will be signed up automatically.

This is why the name of your list should be short and connected to your page, so it is easy for people to text.

You can read about the instructions that needs to go on a poster or leaflet explaining how to join a list by text message.

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