What is Thumbprint City and how does it work?

Thumbprint City makes it easy for you to use the power of text messages to make a difference in your job, in your neighbourhood or for any cause your care about.

Thumbprint City is being used by people all over the country from the smallest voluntary and community groups, to social enterprises and front line staff in local authorities and the police.

You don't need any IT skills or any IT support to use Thumbprint City. You can get started straight away by signing up and making a page, and then use your page to send out text messages to groups of people, and to receive text messages from people who are involved with what you are doing.

Sarah Mitchell, a neighbourhood manager in Huddersfield, and Angela Parker, a local resident, use Thumbprint City to send out news and information to a group of local people once a week, for example, they sent a text saying:

"Back by popular demand! Census form filling support at Birkby Library, Wasps Nest Road, Friday 25th March between 2pm-5pm. Census staff are here to help you!"

Councillors Alexis Rowell and Tom Simon in London used Thumbprint City to involve people in local democracy. They asked residents how to improve their neighbourhood, and set up a Thumbprint City page to receive the answers by text message:

"We are 6 mums and we'd like to plead with you about giving the Winch Project funds so it could carry on the wonderful activities for the children. Please as it is the only chance for all low income families. Please."

These messages are published on your public Thumbprint City page (though you can choose to check them first if you prefer) and this is a great way to record and share what you are doing and develop a sense of community.

People in the Ordsall neighbourhood of Salford are using Thumbprint City to promote wellbeing and community cohesion, counter isolation and increase social and digital inclusion. They have found that browsing through messages on their page is a very rewarding and important part of the process: "you would be on your own without the Thumbprint City page".

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