FREE MANCHESTER'S MONSTERS! Monsters are set free as soon as you conjure them up. Visit the MySpace site to read the story of Manchester's monsters, and use Thumbprint by text message to find or set free monsters when you are out and about in the city.

Oxford Rd



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Set free another monster that lives around Oxford Rd.

mobile help Text OXFORDRD then your message to 07786 205 227

omnigojobob hangs around the Bbc looking like a university lecturer but under this facade is his tarantula body and greedy gobbling sac!
COMEDOWN HORIBLIS Attracted by sweat and ecstasy, he is friendly and doesnt mean to scare, but people take fright at an 8 foot monster chasing them
shy BARRY creeps up behind people and backcombs their hair. He was responsible for all of the 80s, except David Hasslehoffs chest hair.