Writers Anne Sansom and Shamshad Khan ran creative writing workshops at two Manchester schools, Abraham Moss and Cedar Mount, and Anne Sansom ran workshops for teachers and students at Lambra High School, Punjab, India.

In both Manchester and India teachers and students were asked to write poems about the places and things that matter to them in their neighbourhoods. The poems below were all written by staff and students in the Punjab.



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Write your own poem about the Punjab. If you have never been there, why not imagine it?

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REVOLUTION Of the moon around the earth. I think about it holding my breath.
OUTSIDE THE WINDOW Some children going to school, happy. Some children of labourers at work, looking at the others with gloomy faces.
MY BROTHER When we played together, I hit him on his back, he hit me on the head. Today when I open the doors, I wish those days would come again.
WHEN When I am not born a boy so all mourn. When I am awake late. Or when I have to hear people teasing. When I am sad. When I am asleep.
MORNING When I open the door, birds come to my home, flowers of different colours welcome me. I play with the birds, and talk with the flowers.
I opened the window, heard the chirping of birds, then at the same moment, saw two children collecting waste paper.
FARTHEST The horizon, sun meeting the sky. Sky turning greyish, leaving its red colours behind.
MIRROR You are beautiful. Water makes you ugly. Moon, where the windows of the worlds peace open.
FLYING I saw from above, the earth is beautiful like paradise, the school is like a garden.
YOU CAN SMILE BUT I CANNOT Beautiful flowers, you can smile sweetly, but not me. I want to smile, but I cannot. You smile sweetly, that I know.
WHEN I WAS SLEEPING I had won a lottery. My parents were very happy. I made a list of what I would buy. I would fly all over the world. Something woke me
MY VILLAGE is Kang Sahbu. I pass my childhood in it. Old people are like the banyan tree in it.
I WAKE IN THE NIGHT One man was sat on the road weeping. I went towards him. He was my uncle, but he was a foolish drunkard. My dreams were very slim.
WHEN I WAS BORN My parents said She is a gift of God. Every relative blessed me. My brother and sisters made me laugh by making faces.
The moon floating in a sea of stars. My mirror gave my thoughts a reflection. I could never hide my feelings from it.
WHEN I WAS FLYING I cannot hear any voice. I cannot see television. I saw friends, Aman and Pawan, on the ground. I hope I can chat with birds and clouds