Salford messages

All Write on th' Height (AWOTH) Be kinder than you feel. It was shared on fb and really hit the spot for me ;-) x

Ordsall Would love to thanks

Ordsall No you make it I will buy it.x

Ordsall Yes i would like to bake my own bread

Ordsall No, but I would love to learn how!

Ordsall No, but I would love to learn how!

Ordsall Yes

Ordsall Yes and appreciate good conversation, wine, and food x

Ordsall I can't bake bread but I know how to roll with it

Ordsall SalfordCreativeTimebank

Ordsall Salford Creative Texting

Ordsall Information re Salford Creative Timebank on Facebook Ordsall Texting Circle

Ordsall I share my time at the Salford Creative Timebank who are meeting at Salford Museum wed. 26th 5.30.

Ordsall I share my networking information.

Ordsall I share my incentive points that I earn from The New Barracks T.M.O. and put insulation in my neighbours bathroom.

Ordsall I share Ordsall news via this texting circle.

Ordsall I shares the wonderful value of Creative Texting with almost everyone I meet.

Ordsall I share my dogs wonderful barking voice when he barks to LETS GO LETS LETS.

Ordsall I share my ideas of knitting wool figures which I use for placement in family therapy.

Ordsall I share my poetry with people which hopefully will spread the idea of how to work for peace.x

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