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What would be in your ideal Garden City?

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What would be in your ideal Garden City?

Speakers corners, bicycle rickshaws, electric, biofuel cars and barges, relaxation and meditation spaces all with green and growing roofs.
Lots of smiling happy growing people.
So green and growing that when you fly over it all you can see is green roof gardens. Buildings growing fish,mushrooms, chickens like Salford Biospheric.
Masses and masses of allotment spaces outside each apartment block .
Stalls full of artistic craftwork and growing workshops and lots of growing and planting spaces where people can learn to grow their own food.
Massive conservatories, orangeries full of edible exotic plants all over the city where cafes and market stalls full of locally grown produce are based
Lots of healing plants, free to use and growing information everywhere.
Lots and lots of wonderful worms.
Performance spaces open to all made of edible, help yourself, perfumed plants interlinking with rainbow pathways and local trading stalls of beauty .
where about in manchester lol
wide footbridges that are parks, dedicated cycle paths seperate from both cars and pedestrians, sculpted windmills

How can we start Living the New Economy IN Salford?

Water features, nature, sculptures, lots of flowers
My ideal Garden City would include swings, slides, and local musicians under the trees
YES, I certainly do. Thanks, you

Living the New Economy SALFORD

I'd like to hear any news about next steps
The weekend event is over. Now the real work begins.