Welcome to the Ordsall Texting Circle. This is a experiment in communication with imagination. Using questions and answers to discover news and views of the Ordsall people.

Ordsall is triangle shaped; bounded by river and roads, and home to The Salford Lads Club, Ordsall Hall (a Tudor Manor House), Salford Quays (formerly the Manchester Ship Canal), the Lowry and the BBC MediaCity. The population of Ordsall is 10,000 and growing!!!

Robert Hall St, Salford, M5 3LT



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Can you bake your own bread?

mobile help Text ORDSALL then your message to 07786 205 227

Can you bake your own bread?

Would love to thanks
No you make it I will buy it.x
yes i would like to bake my own bread
No, but I would love to learn how!
No, but I would love to learn how!
Yes and appreciate good conversation, wine, and food x
I can't bake bread but I know how to roll with it

What creative sharing do you do?

SalfordCreativeTimebank http://www.salfordcommunityleisure.co.uk/culture/whats-on/2014/03/calling-all-creatives-3rd-salford-creative-network-meeting
Salford Creative Texting https://www.facebook.com/artsdevelopmentsalford/events
Information re Salford Creative Timebank on Facebook Ordsall Texting Circle
I share my time at the Salford Creative Timebank who are meeting at Salford Museum wed. 26th 5.30.
I share my networking information.
I share my incentive points that I earn from The New Barracks T.M.O. and put insulation in my neighbours bathroom.
I share Ordsall news via this texting circle.
I shares the wonderful value of Creative Texting with almost everyone I meet.
I share my dogs wonderful barking voice when he barks to LETS GO LETS LETS.
I share my ideas of knitting wool figures which I use for placement in family therapy.
I share my poetry with people which hopefully will spread the idea of how to work for peace.x
I share my worm farming knowledge with asylum seekers which enables destitute people to eat.x

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