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Brookvale Park - looks like we missed the friends of Brookvale meeting last week. I thought it was on Tuesday 14th. Can you let me know the website and next meeting. Thanks. Angela and Martin Sharp.

Brookvale Park Lovely park but unacceptable amount of dog excrement. I live on Lakeside Walk and often see people letting their dogs do poops and not pick it up. There is a threat of a fine which needs to be acted upon in order to be an effective deterrent. I have young children and I am worried by the threat of disease due to faecal contamination. I would also like to see lads on mini-motos etc have their bikes confiscated mainly because they could easily kill a child playing in the park. Having said all that, it is a lovely place to come and the kids love the playground.

Falcon Lodge Testing.

Falcon Lodge Witches and giant green man on churchill parade

Brookvale Park In birmingham .not very good this

Skate Park Brum needs either an indoor skatepark or a concrete park sumwer under a flyover/bridge!

Brookvale Park I think my girlfriend is a lesbian.

Brookvale Park Looking forward to making a valentines gift on the 9th

Skate Park Calshot park-great barr, plans already underway, the more funding the better, really want an amazing park for all the talented skaters there

Skate Park 2of2 so would be nice to give us something better to skate besides a curb in the parking lot look it up. Thanks

Skate Park 1of2 in my area we need a skate park there is a park called barnford park in oldbury by odlbury college of sport and there are always skateboarders

Skate Park - great barr calshot park. Great big space for a killer street spot plus space for ramps too

Skate Park - will I be updated to wen and wer this park will be?

Skate Park - the skatepark in perry barr should be made bigger it needs a street sections, cumon sum ov us want to go pro an we cant do that wid a park full ov lil ramps, we need street sections!! Great barr or perry barr prefebly pleassseeeeeeee !!!!

Skate Park Perry barr to be extended or to remake it!

Brookvale Park There's something strange happening, there are monsters here!

Skate Park Birmingham definitely needs a new park creation is more suited for bmx and blades making winter hard for skateboarding

Fountain Is it on, or is it off? Half full, or half empty?

Bullring Find the middle of any british town or city and you'll find the shops you are looking for from the last british city you were in.

Kingsheath Moseley's slightly less boho upstart cousin

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