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  • That's brilliant. Will do. We are well thanks and now grandparents.
  • hello from Ordsall. We have been thinking of reviving a texting circle for climate change and wondered if you were still going? We still have people looking at the Facebook page.
  • Using thumbprint for our conference. Could we have a map for M5 $BR and our question hasn't gone out yet. Is there a time delay?
  • Hi - having prob with sending msgs. I can sent msg to one mailing list but another? Pls help. Thanks
  • Ordsall here. We seem to have run out of credit on our page. We want to get started on a new Salford project. Can you help? Mike Scantlebury
  • Andrew - Ordsall here. We need more credit to send out some new Salford messages. Can you help our new project?
  • Really enjoyed Andrews talk at Electroville event today. Set up our TBC account as soon as I got back to the office. Marcia Primary Colours.
  • thurs 23
  • I like the new look of the site! PF


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