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Notwestminster What is democracy for? "Fairly making the most of societies assets and resources, for the benefit of all in society, through the voice of all in society" Alister Shaw Being part of #OneRace #Human fairly /ˈfɛːli/ adverb 1. with justice. synonyms: justly, equitably, impartially, without bias, without prejudice, without fear or favour, with an open mind, open-mindedly, even-handedly, objectively, neutrally...

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From Diane Coleman. I no longer live in Bradley please remove me from txt alert

Notwestminster The peaceful settlement of disputes.

Notwestminster solving communal problems

Notwestminster Democracy is for bringing people together to work out what's best for everyone

Notwestminster Making decisions together

Notwestminster Democracy is for giving people a chance in life no matter what background they came from. Democracy is for allowing people to make there views known and to speak out about things they want changing. Democracy is for letting people do whatever they want in life.

Notwestminster Live together without killing each other

Notwestminster Democracy is the representation of the few who voted. We need to overcome voter apathy

Notwestminster Democracy is for all, in its many forms, but everyone needs to make sure they're registered to vote. It's not the only way to access democracy, but registering shows an intent to get involved and participate. That makes people / parties / mainstream media LISTEN.

Notwestminster For making decisions about things which affect us all, and for which we share responsibility

Notwestminster Democracy is for making you not give up when something terrible happens, because you still believe that you have a voice. Democracy is hope.

Notwestminster It should be a way for people who only share some things in common to find ways for us all to work together

Newsome Sorry I'm away.

Newsome Thank you jude :-)

Newsome Hello iwere at your house asking about baking

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